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NanoFreeze was created in 2018 by four students at Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia, with the purpose to change the refrigeration industry into a more sustainable and accessible one. Currently, NanoFreeze is formed up by a dynamic team of designers, scientists, and engineers experts in biodesign and biotechnology who believe that though innovation it is possible to create more efficient systems.

What do we do?

NanoFreeze created a new way to refrigerate naturally by using a novel bio-nanotechnology able to freeze at higher temperatures

and to preserve cold chain twice times longer than regular frozen water. 


We use NanoFreeze bio-nanotechnology to create a coolant products like Ice Packs, Cool Coats and Reusable Ice.

NanoFreeze also offers cold chain solutions such as Returnable  and Non Returnable Container,

Panels and other personalized solutions adaptable to multiple contexts that require refrigeration during transportation. 

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NanoFreeze seeks to create a natural and sustainable refrigeration system, using the least amount of energy possible to reducing future environmental and human impacts.

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NanoFreeze vision is to transform refrigeration into a sustainable and equitable system. By 2025, we aim to reduce food and medicine losses in the supply chain by at least a significant percentage for companies globally, contributing to the well-being of both humans and the planet.



Establishing fundamental principles and standards that guide our actions in relation to all our stakeholders, including partners, shareholders, customers, suppliers, authorities, organizations, users, and the environment.


Generating a disruptive change in the use of passive and active refrigeration, contributing to the environment and people, as it is a fundamental asset for life


Eliminating losses of perishable medicines and foods due to breaks in the cold chain, providing companies and users with savings and fresh products.

our team

Meet our multi-disciplinary team formed by designers, scientists and engineers!

"Societies of Benefit and Collective Interest"


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