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nanoFreeze panels

NanoFreeze offers a personalized service with bio-nanotechnology adaptability to individual needs.


The Panels include both the insulating material and the coolant, and are adaptable to boxes, vans, truck cabins, rooms and others. Panels are custom designed to fit cold chain durability, dimensions, and temperature specifications. ​

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Materials were tested and selected for:

  • Insulation

  • Longer cooling cycles (72 hours).

  • High resistance (long useful life)

  • Cushion impacts

  • Outstanding heat reflecting properties


We customize a solution that fit your needs. Depending of the usage context and cold chain durability required, we adjust the thickness of our panels both of the insulating material and the coolant. 

Customize your own panels

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Share with us your requirements and we will get back with a solution

In which context will you use NanoFreeze Panels?
How many hours of cold chain do you need?

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