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Nanofreeze solidified its position as an emerging leader by securing a prominent spot in the top 10 during the Startup World Cup event. Its cold chain proposal captured the imagination of both spectators and industry experts, highlighting the company's ability to provide innovative solutions.

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Nanofreeze achieved a remarkable milestone by clinching victory in the cup representing Latin America at the Startup World Cup. The company's triumph underscores its prowess and innovative edge in the region, showcasing its ability to excel in a competitive entrepreneurial landscape.

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We are so happy to finally announce that NanoFreeze . has won The Cheers Award 2023!! A recognition sponsored by the AB InBev shareholders in partnership with the 100+ Accelerator program. 

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 Johnson & Johnson Innovation, together with BARDA, are proud to launch the BLUE KNIGHT™ QuickFire Challenge: Next-Generation Preparedness Solutions. Innovators from across the globe are invited to submit potentially ground-breaking ideas or technologies that aim to enhance preparedness towards future known and unknown infectious disease threats.


After rigorously vetting over 1,700 submissions, 46 sustainability-focused startups have been selected as the latest participants in AB InBev’s award-winning 100+ Accelerator  and 36 startups selected to pilot with ABInBev! It will be the program’s largest cohort since launching in 2018 to help make progress on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and AB InBev’s ambitious goals to advance water stewardship, smart agriculture, circular packaging and climate action.

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The District Secretary of Economic Development - Mayor's Office of Bogotá (Colombia), Biointropic and the allied entities Connect Bogotá Region and Cleantech Hub, selected 30 initiatives, among 250. NanoFreeze (BioCold Technologies - PseudoFreeze) is one of the 30 winners to advance to the stage of pre-commercial validation of the Bogotá Innovative Green Business Program.




BDC welcomed students from 36 classrooms and nine countries for Biodesign Challenge 2019. On June 20th and 21st, finalists gathered at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and Parsons School of Design in New York City to present their projects.


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