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NanoFreeze has created a novel bionanotechnology that provides an alternative to refrigerate naturally. We use proteins to freeze at a higher temperature and to create a more resilient ice. The bionanotechnology improves the crystallization process allowing water to freeze at a faster rate and lasting longer. Lastly, the bio-nano compound can be reused several times allowing the process of nucleation to be repeated under low energy input conditions.

why to get this 

  • Longer cold chain periods

  • Product loss reduction by ensuring the cold chain

  • Energy consumption reduction 

  • Affordable price

  • Environmentally friendly


Is it magic?

No, it is a natural phenomenon occurring in a controlled manner. It is a surprising and amazing bionanotechnology!

What is the difference between nanoFreeze ice and regular Ice?

NanoFreeze’s ice can be produced using a refrigerator  between 4 ºC (39.2ºF) to 2 ºC (35.6ºF), regular ice needs a freezer between -14 ºC (6.8ºF) to - 18 ºC (-0.4ºF). Under the same conditions, a volume of NanoFreeze ice will remain in solid-state almost twice as long as normal ice.


What makes it different from current refrigeration methods?

Current refrigeration methods are based on compressed gases, but because of extreme temperatures, gases are hazardous to the ozone layer. This method uses a compressor in order to decrease the temperature of the gas and transfer it inside of the cabin. However, the gas will look forward to keep its natural state and temperature, this part of the system is located out of the cabin, making fridges outer walls hot.  

NanoFreeze uses a passive refrigeration system where the fridge's temperature cools inside by using the heat exchange principle. NanoFreeze’s ice gains temperature slowly, maintaining goods below 8 ºC (46.4ºF) for up to 72 hours without any additional energy.


How long does nanoFreeze technology last under cold temperatures?

Under the same conditions, NanoFreeze’s bionanotechnology will take twice as long as regular ice to melt. Under certain ambient conditions, NanoFreeze’s ice lasts an hour, while regular ice will only last 25 minutes.


When the NanoFreeze bionanotechnology is used in the NanoFreeze’s portable fridge, ice can last up to 3 days.


Why is nanoFreeze a sustainable technology?

NanoFreeze’s bionanotechnology is created using biomolecules for the nucleation of ice and nanocompounds that promote thermal stability. Best of all, energy consumption is lowered by approximately 80 %, as less amount of energy is needed to reach freezing point, and the ice can last up to 3 days without any other external energy. 

Is it possible to freeze water at 2ºC (35.6ºF)?

The formation of ice happens when water molecules gather into tiny clusters and define crystal structures; this process is called nucleation. Our technology introduces bionanocompounds to allow this process to occur at 2ºC. So, yes, we can freeze water even at  2ºC (35.6 ºF)


Does nanoFreeze use bacteria?

No, we do not use bacteria or other living microorganisms in our bionanotechnology.


Is it free from energy consumption?

No, we freeze at 2ºC (35.6ºF), meaning that cold temperature is needed as a starting point. 


NanoFreeze can save energy consumption significantly because less energy is needed to create and preserve ice. This ice is more stable and can last longer, as it has a higher melting point.


Can It be eaten? Could I use it to cool my drinks?

No, you can’t. Our technology contains biomolecules and nanostructures that hasn't been reported as edible. However, when the fluid is properly encapsulated you can use it in spirits, soft drinks, water, whatever strikes your fancy! 


Why are our products sustainable?

The NanoFridge uses biodegradable material insulation, looking forward to creating products taking into account sustainability and circularity principles to diminish and even avoid any environmental impact. When the product fulfill its life shelf, we recover the materials and with recyclable suppliers, we recycle the materials to create new products.


Do I need any training to use the technology? Can an unskilled person in an emerging market use it?

The product will give all its specifications with its package. However, any person can use it and the only thing you will have to be sure of is to manage the right temperature of 2ºC (35.6ºF) or bellow in order to freeze. 


Can I invest in nanofreeze?

If you are looking to fund early stage businesses, NanoFreeze can be a good option since it has an ambitious potential growth.

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