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Green Innovative Business Overall Winners

What does Green Business mean?

Any economic activity that incorporates science, technology and innovation (CTeI) to develop new or significantly improved processes, products or services during the business life cycle and that generates a positive environmental, economic and social impact.

The Announcement

On August 31, the call to participate in the program closed. Next, the pre-selection process was carried out (September 1 to 3), and the evaluation and selection process (September 6 and 7). On September 9, the results of the 250 selected initiatives and companies were published on the official website of Innovative Green Businesses.

What did the program consist of?

At the end of September, we began specialized training for the 250 selected initiatives and companies, in order for them to structure and strengthen the innovation plan focused on sustainable businesses.

We have had experts and special guests on topics such as positive impact, funding sources, open innovation, value proposition and other key aspects.

Training ended in the last week of November.

Who won?

The District Secretary of Economic Development - Mayor's Office of Bogotá, Biointropic and the allied entities Connect Bogotá Region and Cleantech Hub, selected 30 initiatives, among which NanoFreeze (BioCold Technologies - PseudoFreeze) is one of the winners to advance to the validation stage pre-commercial of the Bogotá Innovative Green Business Program.

What do they win?

  • Access a bonus for pre-commercial validation between $30,000,000 and $50,000,000 million pesos per initiative (depending on the solution).

  • Count on experts to help you focus your innovative green business strategy.

  • Receive specialized advice that seeks to support the viability and visibility of the initiative.

  • Strengthen the pre-commercial validation plan for processes, products or services under a sustainability and green growth approach, as an input to manage allies and sources of financing and investment to grow the business.

Visit the list of winners:

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